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The Ecstatic Dance of Chakrasamvara Now Available Print E-mail
The Ecstatic Dance of Chakrasamvara
Now Available

The Ecstatic Dance of Chakrasamvara is a translation of oral teachings on the generation and completion stages of the Heruka Body Mandala in the lineage of Mahasiddha Ghantapa. The commentary was given by Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche Losang Yeshe, who was the junior tutor to His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, in Dharamsala, India in 1973. This teaching was based on Changkya Rolpai Dorje's and Dakpo Kelsang Kädrup's commentaries on the generation stage as well as the Panchen Lama Chökyi Gyaltsen's and Dakpo Kelsang Kädrup's commentaries on the completion stage, combined with the notes on Kyabje Pabongkha Nyingpo's teaching on the generation stage that Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang himself compiled. The teachings were recorded and, at the request of Ribur Rinpoche, painstakingly transcribed by Gen Lobsang Choephel, and were subsequently translated into English by David Gonsalez. This profound text brings together various rare scriptural sources with the oral lineage handed down through a succession of enlightened beings. Many of the texts that Trijang Rinpoche taught from are sealed-in-secrecy texts, making the contents of this book even more rare and valuable. Many of the instructions presented in this book have been carefully maintained as an oral lineage that must be learned from one's own guru, resulting in a wellspring of profound instructions on both Chakrasamvara in particular and highest yoga tantra in general. The teachings within this book are the very pinnacle of the most profound teachings available in the Vajrayana tradition. This book also contains a new translation of the Heruka Body Mandala sadhana to facilitate a greater understanding of the commentary, and which can also serve as a ritual text when undertaking the practice. Trijang Rinpoche (19001981) was the foremost disciple of Pabongkha Rinpoche (18781941) and the junior tutor to the current Dalai Lama, as well as the main teacher of the vast majority of practitioners within the Gelug tradition alive in his day. His influence was such that nearly every Gelugpa practitioner alive in his time as well as today has in some way benefited from the great accomplishments of this sublime being.
Chakrasamvara Initiation in Graz (Austria), September 1 -10, 2010 Print E-mail

H.E. Choden Rinpoche will give the 5-Deity Heruka Chakrasamvara Empowerment at the Kalachakra Kalapa Center in Garanas/ Austria, September 1-10, 2010.

Rinpoche will give the initiation in the Five Deities of Chakrasamvara and teach on the Six Yogas of Naropa and the (rarely given)  Six Yogas of Niguma.



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