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There is a number of different practices in the Gelug tradition, depending (1) on the lineage - Luipa or Ghantapa -  and on (2) whether it is the 5-Deity or the 62-Deity practice. Accordingly there area number of different practice texts. The following list (of English texts only) is just an enumeration not a recommendation. Please consult your teacher which text is suitable. Since I am not aware of any English translation of a Luipa text the following relates to the Ghantapa lineage only. At a later time each of the text editions/translations will be reviewed separately.

5-Deity Heruka

Thanks to the efforts of translator David Gonsalez a number of 5-Deity Heruka practice texts (focusing on the full 12-Arm form of the deity) have become available over the past years: (1) The Lamp Illuminating the Essence of Great Bliss: Self-Generation Sadhana of Heruka Five Deity; and (2) the longer self-initiation sadhana Essence of Great Bliss by Ngulchu Dharmabhadra. These beautifully translated texts are available for online purchase from the author's Dharma Center, Dechen Ling in Seattle.

There is also Lama Zopa's very abbreviated sadhana The Supreme Bliss - The Yoga Method of the Five Supreme Bliss Deities of Heruka, available online through FPMT's Foundation Store. This short but extremely practicable has been around for years and is based on Lama Yeshe's teachings. It focuses on the 2-Arm (Sahaja) form of Heruka.

62-Deity Heruka (Body Mandala)

Again, David Gonsalez tops the list for the Heruka Body Mandala practice; not only when it comes to the poetic beauty and accuracy of his translations but also in terms of numbers. He translated 4 different texts relating to this practice, all available for online purchase from the author's Dharma Center, Dechen Ling in Seattle.:

  • Abbreviated Heruka Body Mandala Sadhana;
  • Heruka Body Mandala Sadhana Increasing the Realization of Great Bliss;
  • The Abbreviated Self-Initiation of Heruka Body Mandala The Flowing River of the Camphor of Compassion; and
  • Heruka Lama Chopa Sadhana Lustrous Drop of Nectar of the Oral Lineage.

The following texts have been around for years:

  • Rob Preece's translation of The Excellent Increase of Great Bliss - The Body Mandala of the Bhagavan Chakrasamvara According to the Tradition of the Mahasiddha Ghantapada; originally done at the behest of Lama Yeshe, the text has (re-)appeared in many versions with various edits; last in Geshe Jinpa's and Thubten Chodron edition of it. It is available (together with the Text of the Tsog Offering and the commentary by Lati Rinpoche) from Thubten Chodron's website or by sending an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to the Sravasti Abbey. Since it is not easy to get the text from Sravasti Abbey we are currently working to receive the necessary permission(s) to make these materials available on this site.
  • Alexander Berzin's translation of the medium-length Body Mandala sadhana, and the abbreviated version of it, Triple Purification (both available for registered members on this website under 'Downloads').
  • Lama Zopa's The Yoga of the Three Purifications of Shri Heruka, available online through FPMT's Foundation Store. From the same source you can receive Lama Zopa's Heruka Retreat Instructions - The Good Vase of the Dakinis’ Secret Treasure Nectar.
  • The other text, actually a whole collection of 62-Deity practice texts is contained in Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's Essence of Vajrayana:The Highest Yoga Practice of Heruka Body Mandala which also provides an introduction and commentary to the practice. The book can be ordered online directly from Tharpa Publications or Amazon. Please make sure that you ask your teacher before reading and/or working with this book.




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