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Chakrasamvara - Tantric Practice Support

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Over the past six years we have received numerous requests from our Vajrayogini (in total about 2,000) and Vajrabhairava (in total about 1,000) website members to launch a Chakrasamvara practice support site. Finally, we have accumulated enough material to justify such a website. Thanks to our friend, the renowned scholar and translator Dr. Alexander Berzin ( who has guided us patiently through subtleties of the Dharma over many years, we have a number of Heruka Chakrasamvara practice texts for the Ghantapada tradition available.

Like on the Vajrayogini and the Vajrabhairava websites we are trying to make available as many images and illustrations as possible. We are also indebted to our friend, the thangka painter and great artist Andy Weber who helped us with the visualization material ( and the talent of the painters of the various thangkas we have collected over the past decades.

Early this year we had a devastating loss. Our friend and my beloved husband, the developer and maintainer of this and other dharma websites died after a short illness  It is my hope to keep this website and sister websites up and available for practitioners. Due to Wolfgang's death we will now need a contribution from you to continue to maintain and improve these sites. We can't do this anymore without your help. We need for you to contribute and we are asking for a donation of $10 a year or $1 per month. Please help.

What we ask and expect from our members are contributions of practice material, texts and/or images, audio and video, anything that is helpful for a Buddhist tantric practitioner, especially a Chakrasamvara practitioner. Members will be able to upload materials to the site. We also ask you to participate in the discussions on the Chakrasamvara Practice Forum (which will open shortly). Since this is a Rime website, supporting more than one lineage and tradition we ask all our members not to engage in sectarian debates. All contributions will be monitored and only published after an editorial review. We share the same goals with similar endeavors like the International Kalachakra Network,, or our sister projects, and

April 2009

Dr. Wolfgang Saumweber/Linda Moore

Ngoedrup     |Registered |2011-12-29 11:17:41
Lieber Dr. Saumweber,
Kompliment zu der Chakrasamv ara-website, auf der ich gros
sartiges Material gef unden habe. Da wird u.a. auf Ihre deutsche Sadhana "D
ie tiefere Essenz, die die Grosse Gluecksel igkeit erhellt - Eine Selbsterzeugun
g des Cakrasam vara nach der Luipa-Tradition fuer die taegliche P raxis" hin
gewiesen, die ich aber auf der Websi te nicht finden konnte. Gibt es einen link,
unter dem man sie herunterladen kann? Dafuer waere ich I hnen sehr dankbar. Mi
t freundlichen Gruessen,
Dr. Wolfgang Woellmer,

lcmoore   |SAdministrator |2012-07-04 04:54:01
Dear Sir,
Unfortunately for us all Dr. Saumweber h as died. If you will resubmi
t your question in En glish one of our Dharma teachers will gladly answe r. Tha
nk you. We look forward to hearing from yo u again.
Linda Moore
Ngoedrup  - translation of my request to Dr. Saumweber     |Registered |2012-07-04 12:19:09
Dear Ms. Moore, let me express my condolence for D r. Saumweber's death. I do ho
pe that the chakrasam website can e maintained and continued. P lease f
ind an English translation of my request to Dr. Saumweber in the following:

ar Dr. Saumweb er,
congratulations for the Chakrasamvara-website, on which I ha
ve found grand material. Among other s, there is a reference to your German Sadh
ana  4;Die tiefere Essenz, die die Grosse Glueckseligke it erhellt - Eine Sel
bsterzeugung des Cakrasamvara nach der Luipa-Tradition fuer die taegliche Praxi
s" (“The deeper essence, which elucidates the Great Bliss – a self-empower
ment of Cakrasamvara a ccording to the Luipa-tradition for the daily prac tice”)
, which, however, I could not find on the we bsite. I apologize, if my translati
on does not ful ly comply with the exact title of the Sadhana. I w ould apprecia
te very much, if there is a link, und er which this...
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