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Chakrasamvara - Tantric Practice Support

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Our mission is:

  • To provide world-wide support for the Chakrasamvara practice and study in authentic lineages, by acting as a non-hierarchical and non-sectarian communication platform between vajra brothers and sisters, with the deepest respect for the advice of fully qualified teachers such as His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
  • To promote effective and efficient communication and cooperation between teachers, practitioners, scholars and translators as well as the Chakrasamvara Practice Groups and Centers about teaching programs, retreats and any other related activities.
  • To support emerging Chakrasamvara Practice Groups and Centers.
  • To promote the translation, creation and production of practitioner-friendly Chakrasamvaratexts, commentaries and other practice materials.
  • To preserve and make accessible traditional Chakrasamvara texts for practitioners, translators and scholars by creating and maintaining a catalog and repository of available texts.
  • To protect the purity of individual lineages and to recognize the value of discussion and friendly, constructive debate between different commentary traditions.
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David Gonsalez

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